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About Our Film

Aurora® special effect films by RMS Packaging offer product designers, marketers and manufacturers a whole new array of choices when it comes to developing memorable and distinctive packaging, labels, displays, gift wrap and household goods. The flexibility of Aurora Special Effect Film enables a wide range of effects, from soft and subtle achieved by emphasizing muted transmission colors to vibrant and eye-catching using intense reflection colors.

RMS Packaging's untinted Aurora films express color and iridescence through light interference - not with pigments or dyes. Crafted from more than 100 layers of nano-thin polymers, Aurora films actually separate white light to create a rainbow of reflections. As your viewing angle shifts, so do the brilliant hues.

Aurora special effect films offer an extensive color pallet to work from when used in combination with different background colors and materials. Lamination to a white background, for example, gives a pure reflection color at the specular angle. Transmission colors appear at other angles as light passing through the film reflects from the white substrate and passes through the film a second time. Lamination to a black background intensifies the reflection color because the black substrate absorbs the transmitted light. Lamination to a colored background retains the reflection color, but changes the transmission color.

RMS Packaging produces a range of tinted and untinted Aurora special effect films in a variety of polymers and thicknesses and with a broad range of thermal, mechanical and chemical properties. The Aurora decorative and glitter iridescent films can be used alone or with other films, graphics, background colors or embossing to achieve eye-catching effects.

Aurora films are available with a standard finish or a satin finish. The satin finish contains a pigment that reduces gloss and creates a silky look with just a touch of opaqueness. Satin colors include satin blue (SB), satin green (SG), satin yellow (SY), satin red (SR) and satin white (S).

Aurora laminating films are used in the following applications:

  • Laminating films for over lamination
  • Laminating films for PVC/polyethylene/polyester films
  • Laminating films for ribbon stock/cloth
  • Laminating films for paper/boar
  • Aurora special effect films 8511 with PBT skin are general purpose iridescent films that are used mainly in many unsupported decorative lamination films applications, such as gift wrap. They are also used in some solvent lamination applications. The Aurora 8511 iridescent film is available in BG, BV, RG and RR reflection colors.
  • Aurora special effect films 8911with PBT skin are iridescent films that are similar to 8511, but with lower color intensity. They can be used in the same decorative lamination films applications. The Aurora 8911 iridescent films are available in BG, BV, RG and RR reflection colors.
  • Aurora special effect films 8531 with PETG skin are general purpose iridescent films used mainly in decorative lamination films applications to paper and plastic for gift wrap, garland, gift bags, etc. The Aurora 8531 laminating films have best surface for printing.
  • Aurora special effect films 8851 with a PMMA skin are used mainly for decorative lamination for packaging films. These iridescent films have high color intensity and excellent gloss. The Aurora lamination films 8851 are available in RY, SR reflection colors
  • Aurora special effect films 4781 with LLDPE skin are specially designed for lamination to polyethylene for shopping bags and other flexible decorative packaging applications. The Aurora 4781 iridescent films have the color RG.
  • Aurora special effect films 9851 with PBT skin, the Diamond Fire® types, are characterized by very high color intensity. The Aurora 9851 iridescent films are used for decorative lamination applications as well as for sequins and glitter. Available reflection colors are RG and RY


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